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About Save the Children

Save the Children Australia is one of largest aid and development agencies dedicated to helping children. 
Our ‘No Child Left Behind’ campaign outlines our key focus areas which are that all children have the right to: 
  • Survive: No child dies from preventable causes before their 5th birthday 
  • Learn: All children learn from a quality basic education       
  • Be protected:  Violence against children is no longer tolerated
We will work to achieve the rights of all children, but we will put children who are the most marginalised and deprived first in our own work and advocate for others to do the same.  

What we are raising money for

Funds raised through Energy Pledge will provide much needed support to Save the Children Australia’s education and child protection projects, and support communities with emergency response and preparedness in more than 200 sites around the country. Save the Children Australia currently supports 44,000+ children and their communities to create positive, long term change, through their carefully constructed programs. Your contribution will go towards the projects that are the most important at the time. 

Thank you for your support!