Support Animal Welfare


Our goal

Energy Pledge's goal is to raise $20k for the RSPCA. We can achieve this with your support.

What you receive by participating

Sign up with Energy Pledge today and receive the following benefits:

  • Free energy bill assessment, no obligation
  • Savings on your energy bills
  • Only a few minutes of your time
  • Raise funds for the RSPCA
  • 100% FREE, no catches

What your energy pledge will go towards

Switch energy providers with Energy Pledge to save you money on your energy bills and raise $40 for the RSPCA  at no cost to you. 

We only need 250 people switching and saving to reach our $10k target! 

This money will be spent by the RSPCA on combatting critical animal issues such as:

What next?

Simply click "support" above, register your details and upload your energy bill if you have it, if not, click "request call" and we will be in touch to assess your energy bill with you.