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Homelessness in Australia is reaching crisis levels. Statistics tell us that over 100,000 people across this beautiful, bountiful country have nowhere to call home. They are homeless. It is a national issue and it is not going away. 

How does homelessness happen?

Common factors that lead to the deterioration of a regular home life include mental health issues, family crises and instability at home, escaping abusive relationships, poverty, inadequate affordable housing and substance abuse.

The truth is homelessness is a complicated issue. There are so many individual or combinations of circumstances that result in a person living on the street. Often something or a string of somethings happen that forces a person to leave their home for one night, two nights, a week and then it’s a year and then a period of years.

In an annual survey on homelessness conducted by the City of Melbourne’s 2016 StreetCount in June, a total of 247 people were found to be sleeping rough on Melbourne’s streets. 68% of these people have been homeless for more than a year. Once on the streets, it can be devastatingly difficult to get off the streets and find a permanent home.

Alarmingly, over 50% of the homeless are under the age of 35. This means a large number of at-risk youth are facing a future of uncertainty. Homeless kids may or may not still be in school, or they may flit from one school to the next, as they struggle to maintain a ‘normal’ life while living on the streets or crashing on friends’ couches.

It’s not easy to keep up with the daily pressures of school or work if you don’t have access to a shower to get clean, a laundry to wash clothes, or a safe, quiet place to study. It’s as simple as needing a roof over your head — what should be a basic human right for all.

About Launch Housing

Launch Housing is an independent Melbourne based community organisation with a mission to end homelessness. They are one of Victoria’s largest providers of housing and homelessness support services, providing flexible, specialist services that directly assist thousands of men, women, young people, children and families every year. They believe housing is a human right, and this is reflected throughout every aspect of our work. Their services include crisis accommodation and managed properties throughout Melbourne for people experiencing homelessness to live in while we work with them to find suitable long-term housing. We also offer support for a range of specialist services to provide support at all stages of homelessness entry points towards our vision of ending homelessness.

As Victoria’s strongest advocates for affordable housing Launch Housing is a leader in research into homelessness that delivers better outcomes for our clients and lasting, positive change for our community. 


How you can help:

By supporting Launch Housing we can continue working to ensure everyone has access to a safe and affordable home, as well as the services needed to maintain their housing

Eradicating homelessness in Australia is by no means an easy task, but it is possible.  By supporting established programs run by social welfare services such as Launch Housing, every one of us can play a part in giving homeless people a second chance by getting them off the streets and back into permanent homes. 

Together, let's make a difference

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