Fighting for Curtis

Help us fund our travel to support Curtis through critical treatment

By Jacqui and Kevin Dyt (Curtis's parents)


Curtis, our baby boy was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, (DIPG), the deadliest type of childhood cancer and given less than a year to live.   We were advised by our Oncologist in Melbourne, that a Clinical trial was available to us in Sydney. Despite being a risky treatment, we had no other option but to try it. We initially thought it was working but now we are not so sure as Curtis’ walking has declined and has weakness again on his right side.  

What the funds will go towards

Fortunately the trial itself was free for Curtis, but we as parents had to find money for flights and accommodation for the ongoing treatment.  We are paying up to $1,000 weekly on flights to and from Sydney. This quickly adds up over time and we need to pay this every week, seeking out the cheapest flights we can from month to month. 

How you can help

We are appealing for all of your help to give Curtis what he deserves: stability, comfort and the best treatments possible.  Energy Pledge has offered to donate $80 to towards our flights for each utility switched. That means only 13 people have to switch to fund out next trip to Sydney, or half of that if you switch both your electricity and gas. 

To support our cause, please submit your details below to help generate a free donation which we will put towards our flights. Thanks for your support

3 steps to support Curtis's treatment

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