Against Malaria Foundation

Help prevent people dying from Malaria

Help save lives in 3 steps

The Facts about Malaria

  • Each year half a billion people are affected by Malaria and more than one million people die from the disease. 
  • 70% of those deaths will be children under the age of five - that's 7 jumbo jets full of children that disappear because of malaria every day.
  • Malaria is the world's largest killer of pregnant women
  • Prevention is the best solution

Why Support AMF?

  • They are rated the most effective charity in the world
  • They help to prevent the spread of malaria through the distribution of long-lasting insecticide-treated mosquito nets (LLIM's). 
  • has estimated that AMF can save a life for AUD $4.5k through the installation of mosquito nets. 
  • They will provide evidence of where the money donated has gone
  • They are transparent with how they spend their money

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