Energy Pledge aims to empower consumers with the information required to make the right energy provider choice. Here's what we think you should consider when choosing your provider:

1. Donation Amount

The ‘Donation Amount’ for each Retailer deal represents the donation amount your chosen cause will receive as soon as you have successfully switched to the selected retailer.

2. Expected Savings

The ‘Expected Savings’ amount is a saving estimate assessment calculated from the bill information you have provided to Energy Pledge. The expected saving estimate is the total of:

  • Supply Charge Savings: Savings calculated from the rate charged for distributing energy to your premises
  • Usage Charge Savings: Savings calculated from the rate(s) charged for the amount of energy you used on the bill you submitted. This energy may be charged as a single rate or multiple rates for different time periods 
  • Discount Savings: Savings calculated from discount amounts, such as Prompt Payment Discount (also know as Pay On Time Discount). For the purpose of the Expected Saving estimate, Energy Pledge has assumed you will make full use of the providers discount incentives and therefore include Discount Savings within the calculation

While we have taken great care to ensure our expected savings assessment is accurate, it is not guaranteed that you will save.

We wish to advise that at present, Energy Pledge does not offer products from all providers. We present the products that best match your selected importance criteria rating from our participating provider product range.

Your energy bill comprises of four key energy components:

  • A daily supply charge for distributing energy to your premises
  • A usage charge which is dependent on the volume of energy you use. The consumption can be billed in a number of ways including 'Anytime' (the same rate for all hours of all days), 'Peak' & 'Off-Peak' (different rates for time periods of each day)
  • Discounts earned through paying on time, paying by direct debit or by receiving your invoices via email only
  • Charges for disconnecting or re-connecting your energy when moving

If you require more information on our ‘Expected Savings’ assessment please contact

3. Eco-Friendly

This indicator is important for you if your key concern is to reduce your carbon footprint and increase your impact on the warming planet that we continue to experience. The ‘Eco-Friendly’ star indicator is based on independent, unbiased environmental performance information collected for our participating providers. The key sources of information for this assessment are:

  • The Green Electricity Guide: An independent ranking of all energy providers in key environmental elements, such as renewable energy, GreenPower, Solar offers, Energy efficiency and Transparency
  • The Carbon Neutral Network: A list of businesses that have certified carbon neutral products
  • Solar Energy Product Range: Each provider has Products and offers for Solar customers. We assess and rate the competitiveness of the retailer funded feed-in tariffs offered
  • Dedication to Paperless engagement: We assess each retailers dedication to saving our forests, and using eco-friendly electronic communication methods  

If you require more information on our ‘Eco-Friendly’ assessment please contact

4. Service 

You want to select an energy provider that is going to look after you. The ‘Service Rating’ assessment is based on credible and independent market reports on what people are saying about the level of service they receive from their provider. The key sources of information used for this assessment are:

If you require more information on our ‘Service Rating’ assessment please contact

5. Product Details

Each provider has tailored products when you sign up with them. These may include:

  • Prompt Payment Discounts (discounts when you pay your invoice by the due date)
  • Sign up Credit (dollar amount you receive just for signing up)
  • Behavioural Discounts (additional discounts provided for the way you interact with the energy provider. These can include discounts for paying a certain way, i.e. Direct Debit, or choosing to receive all of your bills electronically or signing up for multiple products, i.e. Power and Gas)

A providers Product details are an important attribute to selecting your energy provider. Energy Pledge uses it's strong relationship with energy providers to offer competitive products that may not be offered to the general public.

All providers product details presented within Energy Pledge should be used as a guide only. We have taken great care to ensure accuracy in the definition of each retailers product details, however the details presented is not an appropriate substitute for obtaining an energy retail offer, with product details explicitly defined. Your eligible product details will be defined during the sign up process so you will have adequate opportunity to review before accepting to switch.

If you require more information on our ‘Product Details’ assessment please contact