Energy Pledge - The Power to Change Lives 

We are a group of executives who wanted to use the skills we have developed over our careers to give back to the community. Energy Pledge was our platform to achieve this. It was built on the idea of empowering people to make a difference with a simple decision. The decision to switch to a cheaper, cleaner energy provider. 

We did the maths and calculated that the energy industry in Australia spends over $300 million a year on sales commissions and marketing with most of that money going to overseas call centres. If just 1% of this went to worthy causes each year, that's a significant number of lives we can change for the better, all through changing power. If the money isn't going to overseas call centres then people will also receive less calls out of the blue.  

3 out of 4 founders have spent their careers building energy billing systems for energy retailers so they know energy pricing well. Which is why we have developed a really smart way to assess your bill to make it easy for you. 

So help us change the way the energy industry operates for the better and let's all make a difference. Your switch can feed 40 hungry kids in Australia and overseas, it can help provide care for a neglected dog overnight, it can help provide a support line for bereaved parents and much more. 

Our Team

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