Marketing your fundraising Initiative

10 January 2017
Marketing your fundraising Initiative

Reaching out to your network of supporters

In order for a fundraising campaign to succeed you need to engage with your supporters depending on who they are and how they are connected to you. You can break your potential supporters into the following areas:

 People you know

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Work colleagues

People you don’t know

  • Friends of friends
  • People In your community
  • General public

There are 2 objectives you want to achieve with your fundraising campaign

  1. To REACH as many people as you can and increase awareness of your pledge campaign
  2. To encourage people to act and pledge support for your campaign

This article will talk about how you can effectively achieve both of the above goals to increase the success of your campaign. First, you should start with your most loyal supporters which is your family. Then engage your friends and use social media to reach a larger network. If you start to see people  and the general public.

Family – Your most loyal supporters

Your family will be your closest supporters and because you know them all well, a personalised message works best. Start with a conversation and follow up with a personal email to request their support if you need to.

The great part about Energy Pledge is that you are not asking your family for a monetary donation. In fact you are helping them find a cheaper / cleaner energy provider so there is a benefit for them as well in participating in your energy pledge.

When you send them a message, direct them to your Energy Pledge page and if they submit their email, Energy Pledge will do the work to help them find a cheaper energy provider!

People may think that switching energy providers is difficult, but it’s really not! With the installation of smart meters across the majority of Victoria, switching energy providers happens without people having to do a thing, apart from switching on the gas at the mains if you are moving into a new location!

If you are unable to speak to family and instead start with sending an email or message and they don’t respond, don’t be disheartened. People are inundated with messages on a daily basis and sometimes it takes a few messsages for them to notice and take action. When you send out messages, try different times of day and week, as often it can all be about timing.

Engaging your friends

Take a similar approach with friends and start with a conversation where possible. With others, social media is a great way to get the message out there. Make sure you post something on social media which grabs people attention. Video or good quality images works well to achieve this. If they comment on your post or share, respond with a comment to thank them or acknowledge their interest.

Energy Pledge can help with the layout of your social media posts and have a number of ways to help make this process really easy. As with family, sometimes it take a few social media posts to receive responses from your friends. The more people that respond, likes or engages with your post, the more people it will reach on social media (that’s how the Facebook algorithms work). So try different types of images, or headlines at different times of day and week to see which one is getting the most response.

In addition to social media, send out emails to commuincate your cause. You can send these from your email account or if you’re a bit more tech savy, try using a platform like Mailchimp which is free for a certain number of email addresses. With a tool like Mailchimp you can personalise the email slightly while still send them in bulk which can help you to save time.

Also consider emailing your work colleagues, associations and any community groups that you belong to. Talk about why you are raising funds and what it will go towards.

Inspirational and powerful stories get shared

When posting your campaign on social media, it is more likely to get shared with friends of friends if your campaign has an inspirational or powerful message. Video is a great way to achieve that if done properly and Energy Pledge can help you put that together so reach out if you are interested in this channel!

The final part of your campaign efforts should focus on generating press and a good way to guage whether your campaign is pressworthy is if a lot of people engage and share your story online. The most successful campaigns are stories with an angle that makes it unique and standout. Write a press release that highlights your unique angles. Examples of unique angles includes:

·       The first of its kind in Australia

·       Amazing stories which people can connect with

·       Issues which are currently a topic of discussion in the media


Try to find an issue that links your campaign to something that is ‘trending’ or popular in the media. If you think your cause should receive media coverage, send us your story and press release to We can help guide you from here.